Night Tech products enhance your vision in the dark. Products include Thermal imaging, Night vision and lighting for the recreational, commercial and professional markets


Thermal imaging allows you to navigate, steer, find and avoid objects while on the water. Critical for search and rescue and useful for preventing or finding mechanical and electrical issues and fixing them before problems occur. Night Tech products are IP66 water resistant. Don’t leave home with out one


The use of thermal imaging and night vision has revolutionised the way people hunt at night. No longer are you limited to a few hundred yards with a flashlight with Night Techs thermals you can see game at distances you never though possible


The uses for night vision and thermals imaging is limitless in the outdoors, from simply seeing where you are going safely to navigating your way home, observing wildlife to finding a lost camper Night Tech have got ans answer for you


Keeping your loved ones safe is is the most important thing in life. With Night Tech products you will be certain and can have peace of mind about what lurks in the dark and give you time to alert authorities and get to a safe place 

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